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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Boys in Blue - Celery!!!

Here's to my boys in blue winning the premiership today...the glee!!!!!

Leopard Shark - Iain!

Iain - this post is for you, yes there are many sharks but look at them...not scarey at all, promise!!!


Spent a rather fabulous week of bacchalian decadence on Ko Lanta. Ex-marine, diving instructor...muchos fun

Dive Signs and the Duke of Depravity

So my allies, I must admit to bumping into kukskalle nej tumme once or twice on pp, and may have finally washed that one out of my more brain fog relating to him!!!

Cutting the story short and sweet, after an "incident" I may have eventually lost my rag and told him precisely what I thought of him...along the lines of how I wouldn't consider touching him with hazardous waste gloves on given his history, that really he was morally repugnant, or at best ambivalent and a disgusting example of a human being(thanks for that one Bridget Jones). As he accused me of attempting to annihilate his character I respectfully invited him to dispute a single thing I had said as being anything other than fact, that if it were mere subjective opinion I would recind, reconsider and apologise. Unsurprisingly he was unable to do so. I may also have put to him that he would have to remain where he was as he wouldn't be accepted anywhere else, and that his friends are his "friends" because they live the same lies...aging hippy obsessed with his d**k, which if he continues with his preference for ladies of the night will probably rot and fall off.

Now this was not without its triggers, along the lines of a female friend of his had attempted to punch me one night in a drunken rage due to me catching her cheating without her b/friends knowledge(who happens to be a friend of mine). The duke of depravity was phoned by the wailing, sobbing, acting, drunk cow who asked him to come and collect her as I was beating her up!!!! The bloody cheek...she even shouted at me "watch this" as she suddenly put on the tears and phoned him. Perhaps I may not have minded if I hadn't warned her 3 times to go home and talk or argue with me when she was sober (and had gone through puberty), and hadn't caught her as her drunken attempt to punch me in the face went wide and she went to fall on her face. All I actually did to her was grab her and put her on the floor to stop her pulling my hair and trying to slap me in her wildly flailing manner. And to think it really wouldn't have taken much more than a look to have knocked her out. Such drama eh? hehehe, would make a great Sun photo story.

Well actually its all very boring unless you were there or live on a tiny island where that kind of thing is big news. Anyway suffice to say that I saw the frankenhanded fool for what he really is, and didn't find anything about him remotely attractive...would have thought that since he'd known me for 5 years or so that he'd know I don't start fights, especially with pointless 19 yr olds. Saw that he texted me only when he was lonely, horny or needed an emotional crutch to lean on. Little bit out of order though when you consider I spent 3 or 4 months of last year stopping the bloke from killing himself post-tsunami, but hey disposibility eh?

So, my friends and me may have invented a new dive sign!!!! Basically coz you can't talk easily underwater, divers communicate with a series of hand signals, including quite a lot for the animals we see. The sign for moray is pretty universal but now may the addition of wiggling your thumbs wildly and laughing, in memory of his thumb being bitten off by one of these esteemed critters. Meow!

For Gorse Fox...sunset again;)

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Just cause I can...;)

Unfortunately I can't take the credit for this one, just one of those random emailed pics that do the round...

Political Satire - Dr. Parsons

Ok one and all, I try to make it a point not to really bother with politics on this blog but whilst musing on how the CIA probably created, genetically modifed and engineered our esteemed P.M Mr Blair decided that I must extoll the virtues and wonder of the Dr. Parsons books: "tony an me by georg bush", and "this is war by georg bush" (as told to dr.parsons). Absolute, bloody genius!!!!

Here are a few quips:

"i like freedum so much i'm goin to take it off evrywun else so i've got the most freedum in the wurld"

"me and tony stil speshl frends but we dont play so much anymor becaus were too busy blowin up the wurld"

he also explains how his daddy's "war wupsy was viyetnam.bad trip".

For more try this:

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ton Sai Bay

Losammah Beach

Voo enjoying time with the ladies

Sunset over Loh Dallum

Loh Dallum

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Ice Magic

I realise this is very random, and have no idea why I just thought of it (except that I work nights in this country, and your brain goes off at some odd tangents), but who remembers ICE MAGIC? I think it was the 80's, as I remember having it as a kid watching Wogan (never said I had any taste as a child). It was sauce for ice cream, you'd pour it all over and then in a minute or so it turned solid...that stuff was fabulous and uber-delicious!!!! The science behind turning a gooey liquid into a solid,tasty mass of E numbers-joy!!! Am reliably informed it used to make me hyperactive, and I seem to remember it as being quite a treat. I think the plain choclate, and the mint chocolate were my fav.s. It even made a sound, a wonderous crack as you cut through it with your spoon to get to the ice cream....aaah, nostalgia;)

p.s. I believe they had to take it off the market eventually due to excessive amounts of E-numbers and therefore unruly children.

Check this out in a dull moment...

In case you get bored, here's another of my fav. websites at the mo....just because;)

Kimi's kicks

Oi,oi...yep I am alive...with the breathing, and the eating, and the functioning;) Have just about recovered from jetlag...and my kidneys, liver and short term memory are approaching 90% fitness after their 7 week wo-hoo!!! Joie de vivre re-installed, updated, version 2006 running.

Yup, headed back to pp at the start of March...couldn't be doing with the winter, crap weather funk anymore...what can I say I'm a much nicer, more sociable person when I'm in the tropics. And this time lil jennyfire came out with me at the start, and then the wonderous whelk joined me for my last coupla weeks. Muchos fun was had. May put a few piccies on here and there, and recount the odd tale, as they come back to me;) Was uber fabulous to dive again...and I taught my first friend, which rocked....added to the PADI Open Water course skills were a few dive flexible skills kimi stylie, including fin removal with running man (that splendid dance type move) on the bottom, air guitar, mid-water lassoo and meditation. Yeah..probably plenty to say but another time eh?

Sunday, April 09, 2006


jennyfire hard at work in our private jacuzzi, moet on/in hand.

Jennyfire n me, in the water.


Serious business this...dam nam, diver extraordinaire

Scuba pussies;)

West and me, love her!!!

Whelk and I:Losammah Bay