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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I do honestly keep intending to actually write something instead of just posting up photos but time passes superquick on this crazy lil island!!! It has been a superbusy high season and I'm diving pretty much every day, and then teaching theory or confined skills so time at the computer is pretty scarce!!! There's so many funny little tales too but I am limited on time again today so they will have to wait for another time. Lots of old friends have been out to visit and dive and catch up though which rocks, and Evan arrived today, that crazy kiwi oostybags so we start his courses tomorrow YEAH!!! (After a rather tasty bbq of fresh fish that Jon has just nipped into the market to get for tonight). Yep so Hughbert was out here, Claude is over at the moment, Macky, Louis and Lara were over for a bitty, Davekat arrives in a few weeks and Twila and Leo at the end of well as Clare having been around quite a lot and randomly bumping into Gavin from years's all goooooood:)

So here are a couple of diving pics:


Hawksbill Turtle

Anemone Crab


Banded Seasnake


White eye moray eel


Ornate ghostpipefish

Some random pics


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Monday, March 17, 2008

And just prettiness...

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Karma, Ko Lipe

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And back to Lipe

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Ko Adang

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More Ko Rok

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Ko Rok

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Those pics!

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