Kimi B Ley

From life as a beach bum scuba instructor in a bounty ad., to the joys of englandshire-upon-sewageville...Hugs and I'll blow some bubbles for ya

Monday, February 06, 2006

Me, christmas, prizes,alcohol...magic! Made it through, but hurrah for 2006!


Apologies, work decided to install a truly anal and ridiculous IPcop which would not allow me on blogger, or to check anyone elses musings...bastards! As such many and muchos apologies for my untimely absence, I shall resume blogging activities forthwith, dur to the benevolence of my parents, the provision of a laptop and wireless access at home.

Iain: Hope all is superfabulous, will check soon
Bill: Oz? Prob not till november, then thinking of Whitsundays for a coupla months sailing n diving.

Big hugs and love

p.s. am reading Tom Robbins: Fierce Invalids back from Hot Climates....inspired!