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From life as a beach bum scuba instructor in a bounty ad., to the joys of englandshire-upon-sewageville...Hugs and I'll blow some bubbles for ya

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Twenty-ten, summer, hmmmn.

Well my allies, it would appear I've been neglecting you all and not frequenting the information superhighway interweb all that regularly. Apologies.

Brief resume, for most of the summer if you could have seen my breath it would probably have read san miguel, smirnoff, champagne cocktails...I figure you get the idea. Summer in Brighton has been uber-fab, loads of fun, and despite a shitty august weather-wise, july and all of september have been lush, and therefore as a confessed flip-flop adorned beach bum, I've been down the beach almost all the time. I even made it into the sea to swim a few times...yep, in this country!!!

So was seeing a friend of mine for a not now, Kimi with someone that doesn't love the sea, and gets seasick...should have relaised earlier eh? hehehe. No all is good on that front, we even buggered off over to gay par-ee for a long weekend. I was meant to be in Sweden for a friends 30th, but all that terrorist plot, airport gubbins meant they cancelled flights to sweden, ergo the eurpstar and Paris jaunt. Will regale you further with that one another time...great city though.

Managed to sucessfully contract both laryngitis and pharyngitis at the same time so now is the first night I've worked in all of september, still if you've got to be off ill and can't talk at all a splendidly sunny month is not a bad time to do it ;)

My favourite beeee-uu-tiful friend Whelk turned 30, (or twenty ten until we can bring ourselves to say the th-irty, dirty word), I've met someone amazing and kiwi (never been a fan of english men really...not for a relationship anyway), and this last week I too hit the heady heights of 30 years upon this wee globe!!!! Keep the applause and adulation down eh? I know I don't look it ;)

That is the brief version, I will delve into bits properly supersoon (after all I'm back at work, and therefore free access when all is quiet) Wo-hoo!!

Oh and finally a random fact I just heard on the radio, which I will make no further comment on...allegedly women speak on average 7000 words a day, as compared to a man's 2000.