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Friday, May 30, 2008

Holland and Barrett are selling shark products!

A close friend of mine, Keith Muncie has just returned to the UK, and in his local Holland and Barrett health store, found they are selling products made from Sharks, specifically cartilage.

By stocking this Holland and Barrett are giving a psychological acceptance to the slaughter of our sharks, not to mention actively indulging in the trade. He complained to the manager and emailed them.

Holland and Barretts reply was:

“Holland & Barrett takes the threat and welfare to endangered species very seriously and would not be selling any product that contained a by product of an endangered species of shark which is listed on the World conservation Union's Red List of Threatened Species.”

“Shark cartilage is a hugely popular dietary supplement used by thousands of our customers. It is taken by customers who say that it benefits their health with ailments such as arthritis. There is also clinical evidence that back up such claims, which suggest that the shark cartilage product combats pain relief of debilitating conditions such as Osteoarthritis.”

Hmmmmm !

A huge UK based store selling products made from shark fins? Over 200 million sharks are slaughtered every year, just for their fins, so stores like Holland and Barrett can increase profits. The live shark is usually thrown overboard to die a slow and painful, finless death. Pointless!

Please take a few minutes, like Keith suggested to me, to email H&B to express you utter disgust, protest to your local stores, anything to get the point across. Lets take some action, try and make a difference. It just takes a minute or two, send an email, please. We all love to see Sharks but every year their numbers decline.


Also pass this on to as many people who might find this interesting.

Lets do our bit to help
Many thanks


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