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Thursday, January 25, 2007

More of Brighton in the snow

I realise it may not excite most (I am not a fan of cold weather meself),but it was sooo beautiful and sparkly yesterday that I'm putting more pics up...

(Not bad considering I took them with my camera phone)

Kiwi's Thai Tale.

Kiwi's tale...this is priceless. Beautiful boy left for Tahiland the day before me, so I'd emailed him some advice and contact details for his first few nights in Bangkok, since it'd be his first time over there. Unfortunately both myself and Ginge (a mate of his who worked on the deckchairs with him over summer and was also holidaying in Thailand) had emailed a dot com addy instead of dot

Therefore Kiwi boy tried Samsong and buckets (thai alcohol), and woke in the morning thinking he had a spot coming up on his neck as it was itchy to find he had acquired his first tattoo!!! A proper thai bamboo tattoo, and no recollection of it at all!!

The next night he thought he'd smoke instead, and asked his friendly tuk-tuk driver if he knew of anywhere he could get a smoke...NO!!! The tuk-tuk guy took him into an alley where him and 2 other blokes mugged him of all the money he was carrying! The driver was a decent enough chap though and still drove him back to his hotel. Of course Kiwi could not report this to the police since the tuk-tuk drivers and them are allegedly in cahoots, and really he should not have been trying to purchase any such substance.

So Kiwi has less than a tenner left, doesn't have either my, nor Ginge's contact details and has to get down to Krabi province.

Eventually (and can't remember how) he ran in to G down that way, who helped him out cash-wise. They quite merrily spent a few days in Ao Nang, although kiwi misjudged when one of the buses was about to stop and so leapt from the top of it before it stopped....ouch!!!

The first I know of any of this was receiving a phone call from a friend on pp telling me that my kiwi was with her and looking for me. (He'd vaguely remembered the name of one of the dive shops I'd worked in...well he though it was d for diving as opposed to visa diving, but they sound similar). So at last we're together!!! Except Kiwi is limping, and moaning, like men have been known to do about the bus foot injury. Upon inspection it becomes apparent to me that his foot is most likely broken, and he really shouldn't be attempting to walk on it. So in stupid degree heat I leave him sat on a path and run to borrow turtle's bike so at least he can keep the weight off it.

We hopped on the ferry back to Ao Nang, and I commented after 20 mins. that it would rain (you get pretty savvy at watching the sky when you live by the sea), so I was heading inside the ferry. I was right, and upon coming back out found kiwi asleep, outside in the rain!!!

Suffice to say that this night was his last night in Thailand before heading back to New Zealand until march-ish, so I strapped his foot up, medicated him and we partied. Partied to the point where I ended up packing for him, since it was quite apparent he'd be unable too. We had an uber-fabulous, fun night though, and I kinda miss that crazy cat :(

P.S. on arriving in bangkok he went to the hospital, and required crutches for 3 weeks and 2 seats on the 12hr flight to N.Z.
P.P.S. It would then be the first time in over 4 years his parents had seen him

Kiwi n Kimi

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Walking Home in the Snow

Well, a few highlights of my walk home from work this morning at 8.30am. Not too shabby (I really am becoming Brighon-centric)

Towards the Palace Pier

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West Pier en hiver

The Royal Pavillion

Snowy Minarettes

Just like an iced cake

Across the gardens to the North Gate

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Thailand trip

Christ, takes me long enough to catch up on myself eh?

Short version, I had a super time, lapped up the diving, sun and time with good friends didn't want to come back, and am already planning the next trip.


Ok, a slightly more detailed version including highlights of my favourite bits (much like match of the day, if like me you are too poor to have the Sky PayPer Match thingy) will follow shortly...honestly I mean shortly ;)

Wetsuit catalogue modelling

Me, West n Flicka

Me, West n Vixen

Fatboy Slim - New Year

Oh yes, I was fortunate enough, and pretty smug about getting tickets to Fatboy Slim's Big Beach Boutique 3 on New Year's Day. I was living over in Thailand for the last 2, and seeing how it was held about 500 metres from my flat it had to be done. Start the new year with something different eh?

It was very well organised, they'd managed to sucessfully cordon off Marine Parade, so from the Palace Pier all the way down towards the marina. The gig rocked, no doubt...amazing!!! The Slim one certainly knows how to work a crowd, he does the work them up, and up and up, hold it and then take them higher still thing better than any other dj (in my humble opinion). He played a great set, and it was only a few days later in the local paper that I had any idea he'd suffered 15 electric shocks in doing so!!! Hardcore Brighton boy!!! Oh yep, new year's day was started hammering it down with (at points horizontal) rain about 4ish and just kept going, but once you're wet, you're wet, and 20 000 uber-happy, columbian-esque peeps danced on regardless.

Have a lookie at this if you so fancy..."Put your hands up for Brighton- we love this city!" :

Dazed, Phased, and a lil christmas parteee!

Ah, the work christmas party, that legendary diplomatic and often alcohol-fuelled minefield ;)

Ours went pretty well, what any of us can remember of it. I mean, if you choose to start such an event at 1pm, you must suspect that a few peeps are likely to be "tired and emotional" by midnight. The Regency Tavern for christmas lunch and secret santa gifts, and a lo-hot of booze did floweth...than on to the trust's quiz about 7.30pm to see who can swipe the most free vino, where again the booze did floweth, a couple of bars, where... (yep you get the piccy) and if you were still able to stand then to a club.

The mildly ironic thing about this is that the trust for which we all work deals with homeless people, drug and alcohol abusers etc., so at the quiz the opposing teams (a fair number of whom are employed as ex-alcoholics) may have been a little shocked at our behaviour, as our manager lay over our laps posing, and a number of out and out gay collegues suddenly dished out closet hetero kisses! We even left before the end, as we were a little restless. (In fact we just found out this week that we came second in the quiz, a mere point behind the winners regardless)

Beyond this it becomes a little hazy, apparently a fair few of the women turned into skittles upon hitting the fresh air, but continued on to the bar. I was gallantly escorted home after thsi and awoke the next morning fully-dressed (including my heels) with a sore head. You may not be surprised by this, but I am referring not to a hangover situation...rather to a large bump, bruise and black eye from falling over in my heels and smacking the right side of my head on an open drawer in my room.

Never let it be said that I don't possess a certain degree of class...

Tricky n me

Special K n me (gay husband and wife team, he's my spthethial frwiend)

Special K, Trickie n me

Half the night shift and our esteemed Don

As is no doubt apparent from these piccies I have turned into a mahussive fag-hag!!! I'm queen of the queens, hehehe! Brighton is somewhat renowned for it's gay population, and as a straight chick, I am defo. in the minority group at work. This suits me wonderfully, I work 3 nights a week with Special K, who refers to me as wifey and never lets me start or finish a shift without a kiss. We bitch, discuss shopping and men, laugh a lot, speak in ridiculous accents and gossip...he's the nearest to the perfect husband and diva I will ever get ;) And Tricky, well he's a lush, a closet hetero and a darned good snog ;) I adore them both.