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Saturday, July 09, 2005

PP reunion in Brighton

Quite a few of the pp crew are back in yUK for summer so we did brighton a lil bit pp stylie...muchos fun. A few wee highlights:

Fire and Flicka going around stag parties asking if they'd ordered strippers as here they were..

Fire and Flicka being allowed to help night workmen dig up roads...I have concerns that this may have contravened a number of Health and Safety guidelines, surely not good in a drunken state, in flip flops and heels? We did find a lot of tar stuck on their clothes and footwear the next day...

All climbing over a fence, no question, it was in our way so we went over...whilst a random man was shouting at us that there was an open gate 20 meters away, including Flicka in her heels and Turtle in his arm brace, freddy kruger stylie...(We then acquired this random man for a portion of the evening)

Gatecrashing a random party down my road just to find that Geezer was already there as he'd climbed in thru the back garden

Fire waking up next to Geezer (whose married to Flicka) and him saying "well you've got the same name ain't cha' "(class)

Us being refused entry to a gay club as ALLEGEDLY I was too drunk and was doing a great impression of an octopus with my arms

Everyone coming away with ridiculous amounts of Brighton's an institution. (Don't know if you get it outside of yUK... it is a sweet)

Geezer eventually after much money winning a cuddly toy, whereas I just asked and was given one. The cuddly toys we acwuired were in the form of monkeys, therefore our phrase of the night to random strangers we passed was 'do you want to spank the monkey?'

Everyone except lil Fire and me having to pay to go on stupid pier fairground rides whereas we foolishly kissed lots of illegal immigrant polish fairground workers to get on for free..

All of us being allowed by a pier worker (I think eastern block european, probably illegal) to descend the helter-skelter in a train. Very foolish, we are adults. We are adults who sustained U.D.I.s (Unidentified Drinking Injuries), injuries in the form of nasty friction burns.

Scene of Crime - I lost, dropped,misplaced my 2 month old, not insured, spanking new, pretty Samsung D500 silver whilst on the carousel! Dammit, the KimiBLey luck eh?

Being drunk, turtle obvioulsy fucking up his arm AGAIN!!!! (Again, because of tsunami, plus the night I brole my jaw, he re-broke his left wrist but being male didn't go to the hospital about it so didn't know until he saw a doctor in this country)

Much,much more but too much to recall (and a lil hazy) and besides it is no good for my self re-cocking-spect :)

The carousel, gaudy, colouful and the scene of a crime against sensibility

The scene of our downfall, brighton pier...loving the tacky seaside pier vibe!

Turtle and Fire on the the arm brace, not bad for 7 months on eh?

Aaaah...grattis min vannen

Serious business this drinking I'll 'ave u know

Fire being a minx, with flicka. What a pair! ;)

Geezer, making the most of the sun...appropriate in Brighton