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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Way more chilled, kinda like this Hawksbill Turtle :)

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Fun Words

This is very childish I know, but wanted to share a few words that currently make me giggle:)

Man berries
Spam Javelin
Party Custard
Lady Garden
Seafood Lilly

Couldn't resist...Enjoy all.

Recovered now...non spikey:)

Chai yen yen! (chill)

Yep, its okay my lovelies, the shiny, hippy, diamondesque sparkle that is Kimi has returned, no more spikeyness :)

It's been snowing for 2.5 weeks now in englandshire-upon-sewageville! This is utter shite, I thought March was allegedly the start of spring in the northern hemisphere? Frankly I've had enough of the weather, and of ugly,lardy white brits and have been spontaneous and am heading en vacance back to the land of smells!

The 35+ dgree difference in temperature, the weed, the alcohol, friends is far more appealing. So a week on wednesday I arrive back over them thar parts, and am gonna stay for 3.5 weeks! Gonna be nit noy hectic, lots of island hopping to catch up with my peeps, Ko Lipe, Ko Samui, Ko Lanta, Phuket, and most of the time doing volunteer dive clean up work back home on pp.
Excited mak mak!! A lil nervous too about seeing the state of pp, and not recognising the place and being the new girl again, but think I'll feel better for doing it. If you hold any interest or ability please consider the following:

Phi Phi Island Recovery Dive Camp.

Experienced divers are urgently needed to help with the clean up process onPhi Phi Island.

There is still tons of garbage to be removed from the reef surrounding the islands.This is a dive project that will last between 1 month and 3 months and we are looking for both short term and long term help.

People with experience lifting large heavy objects such as bungalows and boats are also needed.

Various dive teams have been working the last couple of months on and off but now the Phi Phi Island Recovery Dive Camp is permanently situated on the island to continue the efforts until completion.

Please contact Andrew Hewett, Project Coordinator for information.Tel: 01 895 1334
Any volunteers get free accomodation and food.

So should you see hopping about come over and demand a pint of maudlin ok? :)