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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Teaser Campaign

Okay, so will get to writing up properly soon, but here are a few pics from the last month-ish.

Kimi n Kiwi

My fairytale princess bride sister, and the groom. The Devine Sabine's

Hawksbill turtle

4 way toasting (did reach 8/9)

See told ya

Dam nam (diving)

Thank god, that it's always the bridesmaid eh?

My Audrey Hepburn Tribute

Me n Groom

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Winter Soltice- Burning of the Clocks

In Brighton we are not he-uge fans of winter, so we created a wee festival called the "Burning of the Clocks" which we celebrate on the winter soltice, 21st December. This involves a procession ending in fireworks, where everyone has lanterns, and the participants wear costumes made of willow, lights and clockfaces...all to celebrate that the days are going to start getting longer again, (inventive bunch eh?). So if you're down this way, come along at about 6pm!!

For more info. and piccies check out:

Some christmas frivolity n cheer

Why do you never see snow women?
Because it's the man's job to stand around and do nothing all day.

Why is a christmas tree better than most men?
Because it's always erect, stays up for 12 days and nights and looks even better with the lights on!

(oh, and coz some edjeet is bound to complain of sexism)
Why is a christmas tree better than most women?
Because it's baubles don't droop and it doesn't cost a fortune.

Q: Why do reindeer have red noses?
A: They are not equipped with ABS and thus tend to bump into things on slippery surfaces. This is why Santa is often seen with a red nose (the sleigh doesn't have an airbag either).
Q: Why does Santa use Elves?
A: There is no trade union for Elves. They're easy to exploit.
Q: Is there really a Mrs. Claus?
A: Highly unlikely. Since Santa is surrounded by male figures (Elves, reindeer named Rudolph, Donner, Blitzen etc.) his sexual preference seems to tend towards homosexuality. He is said to have some problems finding a geronto-phile/zoophile Elf for a threesome with a reindeer though.
Q: Does Santa really live on the North Pole?
A: Uncertain. However, rumor has it that the story of Santa and the North Pole has nothing to do with the Arctic, but that Santa is known to frequently ask the Elves and reindeer if he can shove his pole up north. Obviously, this is related to the cryptic description "up where the sun don't shine", which applies to both the North Pole and assholes in general.
Q: Does Santa really work all year round making toys?
A: Get real! Check the box in which the Christmas gift came! Does it say "Made on the North Pole"? ("Made in China", more likely)
Q: Then what does he DO all year?
A: Uncertain. Chasing Elves and reindeer, most likely. Maybe he spends his winters in Florida.
Q: Is the story about the little angel and the Christmas tree true?
A: Without a doubt. Santa has a temper and can develop a nasty attitude (he doesn't take stress too well).
Q: If so, why do the little angels on Christmas trees look happy (given the fact they have a tree up theirs)?
A: Little angels are known to be kinky.
Q: Do the polar bears on the North Pole cause Santa any trouble?
A: Not since Santa equipped the guard Elves with M-61 submachine guns.
Q: So Santa is basically a gun-crazy, homosexual, angry old man who exploits little Elves, fools around all day, and drives around in a sleigh that lacks basic security measures?
A: You forgot about the bestiality thing.

Light up Asia with Love...Tsunami Day Appeal 2006

2006 Tsunami Day Appeal for the children in need…"Light up Asia with Love"…

Held once a year in December the Tsunami Day Appeal unites people of every age, race and origin in the important act of sharing remembrance and raises vital funds to help educate and support the Thai children in need.

Supporting the appeal is a fitting way to commemorate the lives of all those lost in the 2004 Tsunami disaster – and a gift will help to provide real help, hope and opportunity to the hundreds of under- privileged Thai children.

How you can help?
By pledging a cash donation or sponsoring a child for a year perhaps? Every 6000 thai baht (approx 85 pounds) that is raised will pay the schooling costs of one child for a whole year.
100% of your gift will go directly to the child or children whose education you agree to sponsor.

This year’s appeal aims to raise 3m baht to help the under-privileged children in the Tsunami hit areas afford the basic costs of school (books, meals etc).

In particular we wish to further support the Thai Children Educational Fund (TCEF), a non-profit organization which sponsors over 500 Thai children in need, many of whom lost parents and siblings in the 2004 Tsunami.

If you are interested in donating, sponsorship or any further information please go to

Kimi - new season (?)

It's been a wee while again hasn't it my sparkles?

What a's been my sister's wedding, honeymoon, time away for my folks and I've been to Thailand for 3 weeks again, mcfiesty moved to scotch-land, kiwi returned to NZ...whoo!! Therefore I've been lucky enough to escape most of the christmas build-up, the unfettered retail madness, but s'pose I should think about the inevitable pretty smartish...shall fill y'all in momentarily.