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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Pride Summer

On a lighter note my pretties, last weekend was Pride and although definate figures are not yet in the police estimate that between 120000 and 150000 peeps turned up this year!!!

I love it when the queens are in town en masse, soo much fun and ridicularity...I might marry a gay man, it would be terribly catty, ascerbic and fab! A great time was had by all, somehow the weather always comes through for Pride. Kudos to the beautiful Whelk who dealt with me fabulously given that I'd been out the night before, managed half an hour's sleep and was still a lil under the influence at 11 that morning! Eye candy heaven...too much beauty and stimulation for my retinas...yum. Even funnier was my delta being hit on by every other gay man there, and them chucking me dagger-looks upon realising he was straight and with me...loving it!

Delta - straight and gorgeous!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Am mounting a high horse...

Alrighty, I don’t tend to bang out about work much, but there are a number of issues that I feel quite strongly about, and feel that a wider audience should be aware of as well. I work in a hostel which houses homeless men and women referred into us by probation, mental health teams, rough sleepers services etc., and the majority of whom are substance misusers (heroin, crack, solvents or alcohol).

To dispel a few myths, and point out a general failing by H.M. forces, an incredibly large number of the residents I’ve worked with over the last few years are ex-services, in large suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder which due to a general lack of support upon leaving the military have ended up as substance abusers to escape. Pretty disgusting eh?

I can think of one guy who served primarily in Ireland and watched his best friend blown apart by a mine, and the rest of his regiment blown up by a bomb. He was a decorated sniper who had served a number of terms in a number of conflicts, and is now an entrenched heroin addict. Another served in the Falklands, had to deal often with corpse collection and disposal, suffers constant nightmares, is a solvent abuser now, who shouts military commands at himself when high, or derogatory comments as if being told off by a superior, and is too dangerous to approach when in this volatile state. I could recount at least 8 more cases without having to think back or rack my brains. I am not a particularly patriotic person, but it strikes me as disgusting that these men are in the positions they are due to receiving no form of after-care or counselling upon leaving the military. Where do we as the workers here start? Do we address the substance problem without finding an appropriate ptsd counsellor?

A fair few others I have worked with have been incredibly successful business-men who lost their businesses, their wives and family and fell to drugs or alcohol for comfort. Another watched his mother get raped and shot in front of him when he was 11 years old, abused heroin for 22 years following and has now been clean for over a year…

Okay so perhaps I’m unsure as to what my precise point is, maybe just that I wish people would employ a little more thought and understanding before making mass judgements and generalisations about this “group” of our society. And now I’ll dismount my high horse;)

And sadly...

Okay, so I said I'd dismounted...I lied. On June 23rd this year, an ex-resident who at the time was being supported in another hostel in Brighton was murdered. This man, 41 years old was assaulted by 4 men (aged between 17 and 28) on the steps of his hostel, they beat him and stamped on him for no reason other than they were drunk, he died 2 days later. Fortunately the assault was captured on cctv, this was enhanced and the perpetrators are up for sentencing in October.

This man, Matt Heading, had somehow battled through years of physical medical hardships, alcoholism and drug addiction (which I cannot go further into) to be randomly and cowardly murdered. He will be missed and fondly remembered.

Our inspired and politically correct local paper on reporting this used the headline - "Addict dies after mystery attack", also stating in the article "Sussex Police knew Mr Heading through their street intervention team which clears addicts from public areas. " So delicately worded eh? Clears them away, hides them from view? An addict, not a man? Grrrr!!! But game on and respect to the author of this letter to the Argus about their reporting:

BBC news article:

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The land of scrumpy-swilling dwarves

I spent the weekend as the title says down the west country on the plymski leg of my seaside tour (Devon and Cornwall-oggy,oggy n all that). Was catching up with lil minx, rae, sar and lou, partaking in odd alcoholic beverage and muchos girly activities from getting on a horse for the first time since being a wee girl (it was heee-uge), to becoming wedding (anniversary) crashers entertaining the revellers with sparkling karaoke renditions of Dangerzone, clubbing to being a hippy sitting in a field basking in the sun at the Maker festival. Ech-ellentey!!

A new girl band?


She's gonna take you right into the Danger zone...