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Friday, February 11, 2005

A few meaningless and very random rambles

Wanted to tell you briefly about the Whelk. I live in not so very sunny brighton with Whelk, who I've known now for12yrs or so. Odd story, met her through some drug buddies I associated with way back, on a particularly amusing and repetitive trip!!! Nothing like taking acid whilst wandering around and camping at night...somehow I always managed to acquire a trip toy, specific to each individual trip. Anyhoo am digressing, so met her that once then a coupla months later we started the same college, and both being jaded rebels/intellects/kinda trippy kids ended up taking philosophy A-Level and randomly being sat next to each other from the first class onwards.

Inevitably friendship pursued, as did days and nights of buying cheap vinegar red wine (well we were young and students), taking whatever substances we could lay our hands on, and dancing like indie quadraplegics at a weekly novelty island night (rarely made whatever class was the next morning). So why Whelk?...well we used to do a bunk in my first crappy lil car (didn't even have a stereo, we nicked a friends sisters fisherprice thing with huge brown buttons and batteries to listen to tunes). In the summertime, using the term loosely being yuk, we would ditch college and drive down to the beach. In one of our semi-daft, or semi-stoned states we decided we'd be creative, collect shit from the beach to make mobiles or windchimes or someat' from. Found some very beautiful multicoloured swirly shells, with a slightly tonic sheen to them which we took back. Upon arriving back and displaying our beachstuff wonders her pa may have pointed out to us that one of them was moving. And was a whelk.

We devised a number of inventive ways of murdering the rather nasty things, since there were basically sluglike and we were girls. I believe boiling water, and the dog were only 2 such plans, can't remember the details...too traumatic.

So our friendship continued and whenever I stayed at hers I did so in a sleeping bag with a hood and some rather funky technicoloured crocheted blankets her mum would make in a demented fashion whenever she was pregnant. Quite regularly off our nuts we would listen to the Magic Roundabout LP (only ever made it thru one side prior to passing out). "Blue is beautiful, blue is best. I'm blue, I'm Beautiful, I'm best." Then upon waking in the mornings I may have occasionnally performed whelk impressions in the sleeping bags with the hood done up tight(Kenny from South Park stylie). Pretty much since then we refer to each other as whelk...

Actually just realised reading that back that the story isn't that interesting unless your off your nut or were there, apologies. The point I am slowly rambling my way towards is that we were chatting this week about how nice it would feel if you could remove your brain from your body and have someone stroke it. You know the way you'd stroke a cat, nice and gently...would be such a soothing sensation, almost like a hug for your brain,thoughts,mind. It would appear that this is not yet particularly feasible but I liked the concept...(wonder if you'd see colours and all sorts as the hand brushed over different areas of the cortex,hmmmn)

Next pointless random thought is because I'm bored. You know the type of bored where you feel slightly childish, like you could lie upside down on a sofa so the blood would rush to your head? Well it is on the same lines that I'd like to be able to gurn. Do other countries have gurners? Or is it just an oldman with very rubbery skin from too much time in yuk thing? Wonder how you teach yourself to do that? But right now I'm bored enough that it would amuse me to pull my bottom lip right up over my nose!! Altho the urge is strong, it will remain merely an urge as I am not yet desperate enough to knock out all my teeth to achieve it.

Hugs x


Blogger willio72 said...

Kimi, hope you're well.

I like friends, shared experience.

Spaghetti, chewing gum, same stuff, same connection.

dunno, the whelk is glue?

I like the brain bit, very imaginative.
Sounds like sex to me...

Be good Kimi, I like the maudlin photo, very cold and loose. Closed to the elements.
Not as good as the PP photo, the one with Boucher.
That's the one i'm in love with, brown and relaxed.

Take it easy Kimi.


ps- love in a friendly way, not the stalker type.

3:58 AM  

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